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 Kazuo SHirai

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Kazuo Shirai
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PostSubject: Kazuo SHirai   Sun Nov 25, 2012 10:54 pm

Last name: Shirai
First name: Kazuo

Nickname: Helledor (means Hell's dog)
Race: Lycan

Age: 77 853 years old

Sex of your Character: Man

Sexual orientation of your character: Men

Profession: Lord / General

Kingdom: Forbidden Kingdom

1- Thorns, Earth Description of your powers: 1- There are no flowers, just the throns. I use very long thorn covered whips. These thorns, once inside someone's flesh, they suck your blood and heal my own wounds. Even if the wiips are cut, the leeching effect is still present and will drain you of your blood.

Physical: My right eye is as blue as a winter's sky while the left one is as black as the darkest abyss. A memory of my days when I was nothing but a devilish man. My hair is a silver blond color, reaching my shoulder in the front and a little longer in the back. My clothea reflect my status as a Lord, but my body shows my status as a General. The only piece of jewelry I have is a silver cross on a silver chain. As for my other form, I am the size of a large horse, my fur is a silver white, I have two tails, razor sharp claws and fangs that can rip metal appart, my eyes stay the same.

Psycho: Why should I care about anyone if nobody ever is sincere around me? I hate lyers, I haye manipulator, I hate weaklings and I also hate people who underestimate themselves or myself. Though I am a lycan and as such, I am a social man. I don't mind being in the company of others. Sadly, I am also a cold sadistic man. And I am a cruel dominator with any lover I get. I won't lie, I love blood. And when I have sex, I have to see, feel and taste blood. I also like bondage, I often tie my lovers with ropes chains or even barwire to shed blood. Nothing excitea me more then the crimson nectar that flows in your veins, so let me see it.

Story: I used to be nothing. I used to be just another pack member, then, I saved what I thought was a simple man, but he ended up being one of the Ansatau Leaders; and he named me General, first class, right there on the spot. I felt important at that moment. He gave me a reason to fight. That man gave me lands, soldiers and a mansion to call home. I swore my loyaltty to him alone. I couldn't care less about the others. I would follow him to the ends of the world. However, he isn't talking to me anymore, he hasn't seen me in a long time. So, I recieve letters, missions, and I do everything. Though, eventually, I had to fight something to entertain myself, I decided to find a lover. Nobody has yet to satisfy me. Will you?

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Halrein Alsvieth
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PostSubject: Re: Kazuo SHirai   Mon Nov 26, 2012 9:11 pm

validated.. and welcome ^_^

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Kazuo SHirai
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