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 new heretic

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Hiroki Kaname
Death Dealer

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PostSubject: new heretic   Mon Nov 26, 2012 9:03 pm

Last Name : Hiroki
First name : Kaname
Nickname :

Race: Heretic Divine

Age: 15 000

Sex of your character: Male

Sexual orientation of your character: *thinking*

Profession: Prince

Kingdom: Forbidden kingdom

Powers: [Max: 4 powers from available abilities]
Darkness : black flame seal
Darkness : cursed spear

Description of your powers: (minimum 2 sentences for each power)

black flame seal ;
Made a black flame that could be used as a weapon, or as a shield at the same time. This black flame could be controlled with only his mind. He only needed to command it where to go and kill.  This could also absorb any attack or damage and turned it into energy for healing purpose.

cursed spear :
i can summon spear which has a curse on it. it would cut anything even the hardest metal. i was made of my own blood. it would appear as blood spear but then it would turn into metal ( transform into metal) and it was a flexible one. i could make it bend and attack all target as my wish commanded it. this spear was more like a whip with two blades ( front and back). but when needed, it would turn into a normal straight spear ( like usual spear).

Thunder :
He could summon thunder, lightning, and manipulating them all he wanted. He could create lightning ball or cast a massive thunder storm. this also include in manipulating all kinds of lightning and energy forces around me.

Physical: ( 4 sentence minimum)

My height is average and my body is not a well build one since I am not quite a fighter. I am a Prince to be precise. I have long dark brown, pale skin that looked like pearl. my cheek has natural blush color on both sides. I was meant to be pale and looked like a dead person ( or so i thought). I mostly wore my kimono or other traditional clothes. I have a pair of hazel eyes and they looked warm rather than evil. I have hair pin in gold and ear ring which was in pure gold as well. i wore a dark brown belt around my waist to keep my kimono in it's proper place. and mostly, i would wear old color or light cream color clothing. i did not really like other colors, it's just did not suit my skin well. as a heretic divine, i have wings like the one divines had, but mine was different. they were in deep burgundy color and there were total of seven pairs of them ( seven on right side, and seven more on left side).

Psycho: (4 sentence minimum)

I am a gentle person,  but only towards the people that I knew close and well. towards other,s i would act indifferent or cold, but not cruel to them. i would only act cruel towards those who hurt me. i am also, calm and quite thoughtful person. i would not attack recklessly, i would think over it thoroughly before i do something.

though i barely get closer with other people. all i knew was they wanted my money, fame, and power. i knew lots of important people, the one with power over the country and land, but i have no respect towards them. i knew what they did, i knew that they put pressure on the poor and i have no interest in such thing.

Story: ( at least please make it 6 sentences)

My very existence was a mistake. Everything was a mistake and bad luck for my whole family, however, ironically, it was good fortune for me. Why? Let me tell you.
Long ago, my family was supposed to give me as tribute to the God of Death in our homeland. The forbidden kingdom. I was about 1000 years old back then, a teenager already. However, on the night they were suppose to kill me, I ran away from home and hide myself in the darkness of the forest. Since the ritual failed, my families and tribes were punished by the God and they were all dead and gone.
After thousands of years, I finally came back to my homeland. Found it wretched and silent like a graveyard. All gone, just me, only me. From that moment on, I decided to live in the castle I inherit from my dead family and rule there alone.
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Halrein Alsvieth
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PostSubject: Re: new heretic   Mon Nov 26, 2012 9:10 pm

validated.. welcome ^^

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new heretic
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